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Household Plumbing Inspection Checklist by Experts

Are you hunting for a new property in Adelaide to rent or buy? Then, it is imperative to book a reliable realtor to show you structurally stable properties that are in good condition and have a household plumbing inspection checklist. It is essential because mostly by the end of a tenancy, people in a hurry forget about inspecting a property for leaks, seepage and water damages. In cases of people buying new homes, many are unaware of how to inspect a property for plumbing and other problems. Hence, they remain oblivious to required home improvements to make before moving for repairs and maintenance. In both instances, the plumbing issues come to notice after moving in, and it makes living in the new home undesirable.

Therefore, whether you are moving to a new rented or purchased property, it is essential to ensure there are no major issues with the water supply and distribution pipes. You can do so, by following the household plumbing inspection checklist by experts in Adelaide shared as follows.


Since the majority of the water distribution pipes are located in the bathroom, it is essential to inspect it first for leaks, seepage, or other types of water damage. The things to examine in a bathroom are:

  • Faucets on sinks, bathtubs, showers, and many other areas of the bathroom. Check if they drip because that could be a sign of bad washers or underlining water supply damage.
  • Drains of showers, tubs, sinks, and other parts of the bathroom. They can get clogged due to soap scum, hair, and dirt. Therefore make sure the drains in the bathroom are functioning optimally.
  • Toilets should be scanned thoroughly to see they are flushing correctly, and there are no leaks.


Areas and objects to examine for plumbing problems in Kitchens are:

  • Sink drains and faucets are extensively used, which is why they can have water damage and leaks. Hence, make sure they are working properly, and there is no dripping.
  • Shut off valves, garbage disposals, and dishwasher slots should be checked to see if they are working optimally.

Other Parts of the Property

After inspecting the two major rooms with most water connections, it is best to check the following areas of the property.

  • Water Heater
  • Vents
  • Main shutoff valves
  • Underfloor drainage system
  • Outdoor faucets and hoses
  • Pressure regulators and pumps

Hire an Inspector

If you don’t want to inspect the house or don’t feel confident you can do it properly, then it is best to hire an experienced property inspector. He/she will not only check the property for plumbing issues but other problems as well and share with you the final analysis report. Hiring an inspector is a wise decision in case you have little time to inspect the property yourself. It will help you know the issues with a property before starting a tenancy or getting the ownership.


It is common for people to don’t have time to inspect the properties they are moving in because they are swamped with moving-related tasks. However, you can find the time and avoid being burdened with packing and moving jobs by hiring professional removalists in Adelaide. They will help pack all your belongings, handle them with care, and ensure they are transported to the desired location without any damages.

By taking the assistance of expert removalists in Adelaide, you will have time that otherwise would have been taken up by moving related duties. The experts will carry out the tasks much more swiftly than you. Hence, you will have more bandwidth because experienced removalists will do the things in a few hours that would have taken you days to complete. This free time you can utilise to inspect the new properties you are looking at and see if the one you wish to rent or purchase requires improvements, repairs, and maintenance before moving.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new property can be challenging, and if you later find out there are plumbing issues, then it can make the experience sour for you and your family. Therefore, it is important to follow the above-mentioned household plumbing inspection checklist, along with booking a reliable and affordable moving removals company in Adelaide.

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